Monday, January 2, 2012

1. Islamic Science

Islamic Science is holistic knowledge generated through synergistic integration of the Quran and science. It represents the totality of Revealed Knowledge by God. It is holistic because it looks at the universe and human life from the standpoint of divine mission; it answers the big questions who we are, why we are here, and what is the purpose of creating the universe and human species; and it also gives us clear insight into the past, present and future of man and the universe. Islamic Science is discussed at this blog in the following areas:
  • Allah’s mission with man and universe
  • Process of creation
  • Computer model of the universe
  • Programmed evolution of the universe
  • Computer model of organism
  • Phenomena of life, death, soul and artificial life
  • Programmed evolution of biological organisms from water
  • The universe as temporary infrastructure facility for testing human robots. Planet Earth as the venue (laboratory) of human robot testing
  • Divine governance of the universe
  • Man – the intelligent, conscious and free-willed robot of God
  • The qalb and sadr
  • Significance of Adam’s nafs 
    • It is the biosoftware of human species
    • It is the source of biological information for human biodiversification
    • It is the source of human knowledge
    • It enables man to write
    • It enables man to speak in thousands of languages
    • It is the source of Satan virus
  • Technical aspects of human robot testing
    • Why man is tested by God?
    • The Satan 
    • Real-time recording of human performance
    • Death of human being to terminate the test period
  • End of the universe on completion of human robot testing programme
  • Creation of the next permanent universe
  • Resurrection of human robots - the true cloning process
  • Final Judgement
  • Deployment of the successful human robots in Heaven (re-created Earth) as Allah’s vicegerents and punishment of the losers in Hell
Most of these subjects have been covered in my published works given below.

Research papers:
1. Wahid, P.A. 2003. Definitions of life, death, genetic program and soul based on the Quran and computer concept of the universe. Journal of Islamic Science 18(1-2):137-147. (India)
2. Wahid, P.A. 2005. Origin of genetic information and evolution of biological species. Islam and Science 3(1): 7-42. (Canada)
3. Wahid, P.A. 2010. Memetics of the computer universe based on the Quran. J. Software Engineering and Applications. 3(7):728-735. (USA)

1. The Divine Expert System (1998), Centre for  Studies on Science, Muslim Association of Advancement of Science, Aligarh, India
2. The Computer Universe: A Scientific Rendering of the Holy Quran (2006) Adam Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi.
3. The Great Gene Fiasco: The Quran Defines Life (2007) Adam Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi.
4. An Introduction to Islamic Science (2007) Adam Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi.
5. Darwinism: Science Made to Order (2007) Adam Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi.
6. Scientific Foundation of Islam (2010) Adam Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi.
7. Srishtippinte Daivikoodheshyam (2010) Malayalam. Vicharam Books, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

The Quran is seen by the world as just a religious book. This view indeed underestimates the scope of the Quran. Besides the religious content, it also provides substantial information on many and varied aspects of the universe and human life. We are yet to realize the scope of the Quran in its entirety from the standpoint of its applicability in various domains of knowledge other than the religion Islam. The Quran may be best described as detailed account of divine mission with man and universe. Every subject dealt in the Quran including religious matters has to be seen as part of the overall mission of God. Unfortunately this is not the way the Quran is viewed, studied and understood. 

The Quran is truth from God (Q. 2:147, 3:3). Allah reiterates this fact at several places in the Quran. And it is under His protection (Q. 15:9). In other words, the Quran forms the universal reference standard for verifying the validity of information. This implies that any information that does not agree with or contradictory to the Quran is false. The Quran is amenable to scientific scrutiny and explanation. The Quran is the only source that reveals to mankind the divine purpose of creating man and the universe. It is the only source of information on the phenomena of life and death. Further it also sheds light on numerous other aspects of man and universe including their future. 

Knowledge has no boundaries. The boundaries between religion and science are man-made. It is Allah who gives us knowledge (Q. 96:5, 2:255, 2:31). Like the Quran, science is also from Allah. This is reflected in their mutualism and compatibility. The non-compatible portion of science (pseudoscience) must be seen as the handiwork of Satan to deviate man from God’s path. Holy Quran and science are two sides of the same coin. Allah has not given all the knowledge through either science or the Quran. It is through both Allah transmitted the knowledge man is entitled to get. Therefore integration of science and Quran leads to the development of holistic knowledge referred to here as Islamic Science. This does not mean that science has religious affiliation too like Christian Science, Hindu Science, etc. No. But it does imply that holistic knowledge can be generated only through integration of science with the Quran because the Quran is the only divine source that remains in its pristine form uncorrupted by human hand. Islamic Science dissolves the man-made boundaries between Quran and science facilitating their harmonious blending. It changes the perception of the universe and human life from the scientific worldview of purposeless to purposeful. And that changes everything. All the pieces of knowledge fall into place answering all the big questions.

Divine mission

An object can be best understood only if its purpose is known. This is true for universe and human life also. We cannot arrive at the purpose of creating this universe through speculations and scientific experimentation. The knowledge of the purpose of creation is with the Creator alone. He alone can tell us for what purpose He created the universe and man. He conveys this information through His book – the Quran. Scientists do not assign any purpose to the universe. The universe is considered by them as a system originated by itself by chance with no purpose to serve. The Creator addresses the nonbelievers in this context in clear harsh terms. “Not without purpose did We create the sky, the earth and all in between! That (there is no purpose) is the impression of the unbelievers. So woe to the unbelievers from the (punishment of) Fire!” (Q. 38:27). “Not for fun did We create the skies and the earth and all that is between them! If We had intended to make a pastime, We would have made it from Ourselves; (but) by no means would We do (it)!” (Q. 21:16-17). “They know (only) the exterior of the life of this world. And they are heedless of the Hereafter. Do they not think about themselves? Allah did not create the skies and the earth, and all in between except with truth (i.e., with purpose) for a fixed term. Yet there are many among people who deny meeting with their Lord!” (Q. 30:7-8).

Understanding the universe and human life must be, therefore, consistent with God’s purpose of creation. The purpose of creating man by Allah is to serve Him (Q. 51:56). The word abd used in verse 51:56 means robot in computer parlance. Human robots endowed with intelligence, consciousness and freewill (discretionary freedom) are therefore created by Allah to serve Him as His vicegerents on Earth (Q. 2:30). The earth mentioned in this verse is the earth of the next permanent universe (Q. 21:104-105). It is that earth (and not the present earth) which is described in the Quran as the Garden (or Heaven) that will be inherited by Allah’s selected human robots. “The Day We roll up the sky like a scroll rolled up for books! As We originated the first creation, so shall We repeat it – a promise binding on Us. Truly shall We fulfill it. Before this, We wrote in the Zaboor (the Book given to Prophet David) after the Reminder (Taurat given to Moses) that My righteous servants will inherit the earth (Heaven).” (Q. 21:104-105). Not all human robots are going to be deployed by Allah as His vicegerents. Since man is bestowed with freewill, he need not obey Allah; he can as well choose to ignore Him and His directions. This necessitates testing of human robots for their obedience to Allah prior to deployment. This temporary universe was therefore created by Allah as the facility for human robot testing (Q. 11:7, 45:22). Earth is the habitat of human beings and the laboratory where the test is going on. Earth is well provided with resources and facilities to meet all the requirements of human robot testing (Q. 2:36).  For mankind, this temporary life is test life. The test life is terminated by death (Q. 67:2). On completion of human testing program, the universe will also end. It will be followed by the creation of next permanent universe and resurrection of human beings. The human beings will be judged based on their performance in the test life. The successful will be absorbed into His service who will serve Him as His vicegerents in Heaven (Earth of the next universe) forever (Q. 21:104-105, 22:5, 10:47).  

Natural evidence, scientific findings and the Quran suggest that the universe is a programmed system. Accordingly, a computer model of the universe to describe the non-living and components has been developed by me. The model helps us to explain and comprehend Allah’s mission scientifically. Development of computer concept of the universe and living beings is an outcome of the merger of science with Quran. The entire creation should be studied and understood in the light of Allah's mission to get the true picture and make our present life productive and successful. The primary objective of QuranScienceBlog is to present that holistic picture through integration of Quran and science.

The computer concept was originally published in 1998 in my book The Divine Expert System (Muslim Association for Advancement of Science, Aligarh, India). The concept enables us to explain and comprehend scientifically the universe and human life in the light of Quranic revelations. The concept offers firm scientific footing to Islamic Science. The universe should be described, studied and understood as a system designed, programmed and created by Allah for accomplishing His mission of human robot testing (Q. 51:56, 11:7). The subject has been discussed in detail in my two recent books The Computer Universe: A Scientific Rendering of the Holy Quran (2006), and An Introduction to Islamic Science (2007), both published by Adam Publishers, New Delhi. The concept permits us to comprehend how the gigantic divine computer system called the universe delivers as the facility to test human robots in accordance with the program of Allah. 

There are a few books now available on computer model of the universe published by scientists from purely scientific angle. It is fast becoming an emerging field in science. The basic change the computer concept of the universe based on the Quran brings into our present knowledge of the universe and cosmology is that it is the patterns of divine information (Allah’s commands or instructions) immanent in energy rather than matter and other forms of energy per se that represent the fundamental units of reality. Although the knowledgebase created by science covers almost every aspect of the universe from subatomic level to galaxies and beyond, several fundamental questions like how the various components of the universe acquired their characteristic properties and behaviour, what is the future of the universe, etc., fall outside the scope of science. It is through the Quran Allah gives information on such issues. The computer model enables us to answer such fundamental questions about the universe in the light of Quranic revelations. The model also permits us to define and explain the phenomena of life and death scientifically in accordance with Quran. These phenomena remain undefined and unexplained in science even today. Further the Quranic references to Satan, qalb and sadr can also be understood with the help of the computer concept. Islamic Science developed through fusion of science with the Quran is all-embracing and represents holistic knowledge of universal applicability.